My great uncle entered France via Omaha Beach a few weeks after D-Day. All gave some. Some gave all. Atop Omaha Beach in the Allied cemetery is a cross marking his grave, Sgt. Clifford A. Alewine. He died from injuries sustained in inland fighting on July 16 1944. We have no official family record of the date of his birth, but when he died, it is agreed that he was between 19-24. Like so many, gone too soon.

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As I listen and watch this post, I recognize the intensity in their faces and recognize the loyalty to our nation that our soldiers have for protecting our freedom. As Commander Price said, “Nothing comes from comfort zones.” I find myself shedding tears of joy and feeling compassion for our men and women who are and have served this nation as well as those who WILL continue to serve for this great nation of America to keep us free from destruction! Thank you, Capt K, for bringing this to our attention.

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Band of Brothers!!!

I dont watch much television but i have watched this series hundreds of times.

You all should google up ‘World War II Airborne Demonstration Team’ in Frederick, OK. I was with the Team as a jump team member and as the Team’s administration S1 adjutant officer from 2011 to 2017.

The Team trains in Frederick and performs at airshows across the country. They even go to Normandy, Holland, southern France, etc. to commemorate anniversaries such as Operation Dragoon and Market Garden with demonstration jumps. They may be over there now in Normandy.

Approximately six of our Team’s legacy members (Winters, Malarkey, Heffron, Garnere, and a couple others?) were actually members of Easy Co., 506 PIR!

It was really cool to fly up to 1,500 feet in our HBTs /1942’s in an actual C-47 (that actually flew combat missions in France during WWII, maybe even flew during the invasion on D-Day) with actual WWII / Korea AIRBORNE Veterans from the 82nd, 101st, 17th, 187th etc. ABN Divisions and jump out of that C-47 (Boogie Baby). Got to hear and share ALOT of stories with those AIRBORNE Veterans who now are mostly gone.

The Team’s mission is to honor the legacy of our AIRBORNE Veterans. They’re still down there in southwest Oklahoma as far as I know.

AIRBORNE...Angels from the sky!

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What an honor to hear your testimony! Thank you for serving so effectively in the service for our country.

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No words for what those men must be feeling.

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The dedication of those willing to give all to preserve human rights is so humbling to me.

Sadly, I picture our world in this same position in the future.

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