Ranked Choice Voting actually would have worked if used as envisioned in the early 2000s by the techno-libertarians.

Slide candiates around on a touch screen and a honestly and open-sourced programmed computer to just spits out the results. Seriously, what could be easier? Slide Smiling dwarf Ross Perot to the Top, Slick Willie to the bottom and then GHWB gets elected to his second term.

But since it soon became mantra that we can't trust "the other side" to write an honest computer program (remember Dems rally against Diebold touch screens?), so things with a good UI that look obviously like a computer disappeared and instead we get computers disguised as bubble counter.

And yet RCV stuck around and morphed into this confusion quasi-paper ballot crap which no-one could ever hand verify.

Single-issue paper ballots that are hand-counted are the only fair way forward. Its noteworthy that this is how the UK still does it.

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In other words, RCV might just well stand for "Republicans Conceding Voting" to the Democrats.

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