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I’m guessing you already follow me on Telegram, or maybe even Twitter, which suppresses content so badly it forces liberty-minded people to abandon the platform in droves.

My brand on Telegram is elections and liberty issues. That will probably be my main brand here. I view Telegram as more of a messaging device, made to drive action and spread in formation rapidly. If posts are too long, or if, God forbid, they elongate themselves so as to require multiple posts, they can get lost in translation. Most people are looking for something quick and actionable.

There are others who seek depth. Brevity requires sacrificing depth for speed and action. This platform will allow me to expand my thoughts on various subjects. While I still intend to drive you into action, I’ll be able to reflect more deeply on experiences and also on current issues that are present in the world today.

I will not be bound by any particular topic. My account here will cover liberty, elections, funny stories, veteran topics, fitness tips, business guidance, travel experiences, and maybe even jokes. If that sounds like something you’d like to read about, I believe you will enjoy my channel.

Rest assured, there will be no pulling of punches, nor will there be complaining without solutions.

Capt. Seth Keshel

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Capt. Seth Keshel 

All-American Army intelligence veteran and analytics guru. Foreign Policy, elections, fitness, America First. Texas based.